A New Spring Has Sprung

Maybe it’s the baby and all the soul-searching that brings. Perhaps it’s my upcoming birthday, marking another decade gone and another one beginning (and a heightened awareness of my gray hairs multiplying). But whatever it is, I’m becoming sort of sappy, really sensitive, really prone to crying during commercials. As a result, I’ve become more reflective than usual, looking more to the past, fixating more on the future.

Right now in Texas, flowers are blooming and the mercury is rising and the season is ending. Last year at this time I was sitting in the snow with many drunk Norwegians watching a captivating (no, really!) cross-country ski race. Last year I was waxing poetic about our seasonal goodbyes, this year I’ll barely notice when the season is over except that Dave will (hopefully!) be home more. Now I spend my days raising my daughter, last year I was moving to England to help raise someone else’s children.

Things have changed. Continue to change. For every thing there is a season, and in Texas this season has the sun shining on us.

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