Happy Birthday. To You.

A few weeks ago, Dave came home from a trip to the grocery store with everything on the list, plus a jar of pickles. We’re big list people, we make the list, live by the list, and if you let Dave deviate from the list you end up with a bunch of weird things like a 12-pack of miniature Coca-Cola cans, a 6-pack of toothbrushes, 3 magazines and 4 bags of chips (all flavored in different variations on barbeque…such as mesquite, spicy, smokey, and original).

So the jar of pickles stood out to me. Not only were they not on the list, but they are a food Dave despises and would pretend to gag and choke if I offered him one. So I asked:

“What’s with the pickles?”

And he said:

“Oh well you love pickles so I thought of you when I saw them.”

It was just that simple. It usually is. The best things are.

And my heart melted. Into a puddle of dill and vinegar.

Happy Birthday to the love of my life.

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday. To You.

  1. Pickles! LIfe is truly about the simple things. Kids and sometimes even spouses remind us of this. I feel the same way. And my kids LOVE pickles. Take care and write on!

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