Where One Goes

The baby woke up in the night.

Wasn’t hungry. Wasn’t wet. Was sad. Really sad.

I stood at the crib making shooshing sounds until I had dry mouth.

I rubbed her back rhythmically, nearly putting myself to sleep standing up.

Dave comes in, for back up.

I picked her up and carried her to the living room to rock her.

Dave laid on the couch, for moral support. It was too dark to tell, but I’m pretty sure he was morally supporting me with his eyes closed.

*click click click* Enid joins the party. She always does. Sniffs me, checks out the baby. Curls up on the couch with Dave.

*heavy sigh* Out of the darkness Falcor emerges, warm from his spot under the covers, not really trying to hide his annoyance over the sleep disturbance.

Five hearts beating, quietly breathing. The sounds of the rocking chair creaking.

Half an hour later we carefully lay baby back in bed with the precision of a bomb disposal unit.

My head hits the pillow.

*click click click* Enid joins the party.

*heavy sigh* Falcor doesn’t hide his annoyance.

Where one goes, we all go.

7 thoughts on “Where One Goes

  1. Beautiful Lane. Love the the puppies love their baby and their mama. In the spirit of blogging, I tagged you with the Stylish Blogger Award. Silly, but its the blogosphere, so what can I say. The “rules” are on my blog. Enjoy.

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