Meatless Monday (Through Friday)

Last year I began pondering veganism (and got better at explaining my vegetarianism) but, if I’m honest with myself, getting pregnant derailed my efforts for the most part. For a while I had no appetite at all, and when I did I ate whatever seemed edible for the sake of the fetus. Once I started feeling better I was back in the U.S. after a winter spent in Norway I was too weak to persevere and I indulged in I had missed. That means A LOT of Annie’s Mac’N’Cheese, Jimmy John’s twice daily, and Greek yogurt upon waking each morn (my GOD the yogurt).

Now that I’m officially not pregnant (seeing as the baby is over 6 months old, I’m making this decree), beginning to feel more like a human with livable amounts of sleep and finally catching up on reading some of my favorite vegan blogs, I am reinspired to work two vegan meals in per day. Breakfast is easy, because peanut butter is basically second only to water when it comes to substances keeping me alive. But cheese and yogurt are always taunting me and I’ve had to be more mindful to get my second vegan meal of the day.

It’s hard to eat like a vegan when you love cheese the way I do. I love it like I love wearing yoga pants and barely ever leaving the house (that’s A LOT). It’s even harder when you’re already fighting the good fight of vegetarianism with a prairie-raised, meat loving husband. So a couple of weeks ago Dave decided to eat meatless for five days in a show of solidarity and an effort to start the off-season in a healthy direction after the post-season celebrating took it’s toll on our bodies.

The week was *mostly* a success. Dave is a vegetarian by heart (the man loves animals, hates factory farming and couldn’t kill a pig himself unless that pig was somehow holding a chainsaw over our baby) , but an omivore by culture and he has a hard time ever picturing himself going cold turkey (ha!). What this experiment did though, was show him that he can eat SO many vegetarian meals that are either already in his repertoire or are only small variations on his current favorites, and dashed his fears of eating too many meals involving words that scare a Canadian omivore such as quinoa or seitan or simply eggplant. His new commitment is to eating DRASTICALLY less meat than he used to, a bit less than he currently does, and to using Whole Foods’ new meat rating system as his guideline (which also restricts his meat quantity in relation to our financial budget, a good way to help motivate anyone to cut back) when purchasing the meat he does choose to eat.

Aside from one major relapse (he claims that during a golf outing with his buddies during the meatless week he ‘forgot’ that pulled pork was meat), Dave admitted to me that it was easier than he thought it would be. As a vegetarian in an often meat-centered world, his show of support meant a lot to me. We ate curry with green beans and cauliflower,  falafel, veggie chili, chick’n Ceasar salads and other delicious meals that no animal died in the making of. Sucess.

2 thoughts on “Meatless Monday (Through Friday)

  1. the boy who I once witnessed pick off all the green peppers (the only veggies on his pizza), is all grown up. Congrats to us on making our men less finicky eaters. We are trying one meatless dinner meal a week. Thanks for the guide, too!!

  2. The boy I once witnessed pick off all of the green peppers, the only veggies on his pizza, is all grown up. Thanks for the guide! We are trying one meatless dinner meal a week. Congrats to us on helping guide our finicky eaters!

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