What About Enid?

All this drama involving Falcor, Sophie and the baby is certainly entertaining (especially if you don’t live here and don’t have to watch a frantic dog panting and drooling while a 7 month old squeaks Sophie for 5 minutes straight), but several thoughtful readers have asked “What about Enid?” You’re sweet to ask. She appreciates the sentiment.

In respect to children, Enid is truly amazing. Considering that she has the potential to go Cujo on any dog she senses is a threat to her cushy life with us, it sometimes surprises people how well she does with kids. She lets them pull her tail, sit on her back, bite her ears and the most drastic action she takes is a heavy sigh or a slow retreat to place out of their reaching hands.

In respect to our baby, Enid has taken over as the surrogate mother. While Falcor may see her as a playmate/competitor for Sophie’s affection, Enid sees her as a special, defenseless, slightly annoying puppy that she has to watch out for and tolerate.

In respect to Sophie, Enid does not care. At. All. Is not interested, doesn’t want to see what the fuss is about, probably thinks Falcor is a total moron. Enid is, in general, not really into toys, dog, baby or otherwise. She doesn’t really even like to play. She likes to cuddle. And walk. And eat. And cuddle. Followed by cuddling. She doesn’t want to tug on a rope. Or fetch a ball. Or disembowel a stuffed animal. Once in a while in a fit of whimsy (or delirium?) she will come tearing into a room growling (that’s Enid-ese for happiness), pounce on a petrified Falcor and then toss a dog toy into the air a few times before dropping onto her back and rolling all over it. If you have ever seen Enid do that, consider yourself very lucky because witnessing her in a playful mood is like seeing a double rainbow or Santa riding a unicorn. Rare.

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