A Slice Of Pizza, A Side Of Yeehaw

Last night we went out to celebrate my birthday a little early. And it was awesome. And when I got out my camera to document it all, the battery was dead.

I am very diligent about having my camera at the ready, but the last time this happened in Girona, Spain in 2007 Dave and I took that as a sign from the Universe to make memories of that particular experience instead filling up a memory card. We had a truly amazing day wandering through the walls of the city together.  Since we don’t have pictures of it, since we purposely put ourselves in that moment, I will always hold that day as a special one among all our travel adventures. So last night, despite my disappointment, I took this as a similar sign and soaked up the evening with all my senses instead of capturing it in photographs. (plus, I was thankful it wasn’t camera-drama like last year at my birthday)

If had HAD had my camera, I would have posted pictures showing you a bar with walls of brick and corrugated tin and a wood-fired pizza oven in historic downtown McKinney. The live music was the most Texas-y thing I’ve seen here since Friday night football, and it was AWESOME. There were jabs at Obama (don’t worry, I frowned disapprovingly) and lots of LeBron-mocking amidst cheers of GO MAVS. Sometimes I felt out of place, like when there was a chorus of yeehaws (I’m serious, yeehaw is a thing) as a song was played called ‘Guns and Religion’ (‘I cling to them both and answer to none’) but then I was back to having my mind blown by gorgeous lyrics like ‘I want to be an arrow in the quiver of truth, piercing the darkness so the light can shine through.’ Word.

Two generous glasses of wine, more pizza than I care to admit, and a couple of hours later, we were ready to head home to our babies. A lovely night planned by my loving husband to end a defining decade of my life. Cheers!

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