An Old Love, Re-Kindled

I really, really love books. A lot. I love reading them and re-reading them and smelling them and putting them on shelves where I probably fetishize them too much. Every time I go back to my mom’s house (where my stuff lives) I try to reduce the size of the pile of books I’m hanging on to. I say things like ‘don’t let the things you own own you’ and ‘the memory doesn’t go away just because the thing does’ but then I just sort of shuffle them around and end up making a list of MORE books to add to my collection. It’s a wonderful collection and a horrific fire hazard.

When e-readers first came on the scene I wasn’t much interested. Firstly, I’m not really into technology. The fact that I am typing this and getting it out to you now is miracle enough for me. I can work a digital camera and an iPod and beyond that I’m not really interested in being in touch with the latest and greatest gadget invention.

But every time another friend showed up with a new e-reader and raved about it, I couldn’t help but be intrigued. I felt like I was betraying books, libraries and the paper industry just by thinking the very thought, but I also realized that there were some perks to a digital book. We travel a lot, and a Kindle is small. We move overseas for bits of time, and bringing books takes up space. The environment is in tatters and books are made of paper which are the corpses of trees and an e-reader doesn’t use paper.

On Mother’s Day this year Dave did the deciding for me (isn’t it so much easier that way?!) and bought me a Kindle. I tore it from it’s box with the fervor of a toddler on Christmas morning, all the while whispering to my books ‘don’t look at this, pay no mind, I’ll always love you most, she’s just a whore!’ I plugged it in and turned it on and VOILE, I’m hooked. I bought a pretty sleeve to keep it in and I bring it with me everywhere.

Don’t you worry, the promise I made to my books will be kept. Our baby will learn the love of books both real and electronic. My collection of literary and academic book treasures will not become fuel for a bonfire. But the Kindle will be my companion when I fly. Or breastfeed. Or read laying on my back.

Now that you’re picturing me breastfeeding while lying on my back reading my Kindle, tell me: do you think an e-reader for you?

6 thoughts on “An Old Love, Re-Kindled

  1. My Kindle has saved my sanity on more than one occasion. It was perfect for the early days when Evelyn nursed round the clock and I only had one free hand (much easier to press a button than turn a page one handed!) and perfect to keep in my purse for those treasured moments when both kids fall asleep in the car and I can park somewhere and read to my heart’s content 🙂

  2. I can definitely see the benefits of an e-reader but I haven’t caved in yet. Books look so pretty and homey on my bookshelf, and they smell so nice… I also have a 9-month old technojunkie who has drool-killed my iPod and a remote controller so I reckon eating a few hundred pages is still a bigger challenge to him than attacking another electronic gadget.

  3. I got a Nook color for Christmas. I, too, was skeptical. How could anything replace the smell and feel of a real book? But I LOVE IT. Not only do I read more with it, I can read with one hand (helpful with an 8 month old). I can also set the font to the largest setting so I can read without my glasses. Now I just need to get a part time job at Barnes and Noble so I can get a discount on all the books I’m buying instead of taking out from the library.

  4. I didn’t want to do it. But then hubs got a kindle from his work when baby B was just a couple months old, and it made those long nursing/rocking stints so enjoyable. Hard to hold a hardback with one hand, and turn the pages. I’m sold. But, I still like the library.

  5. love physical books too, but someday will get a kindle — just holding out a little longer. for good used books and to support literacy programs, try

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