Enquire Within: Ask Me Anything

About a year and a half ago I solicited questions from my readers and answered them on my blog. I really enjoyed having some contact/feedback from all of you, and I felt like the answers helped the readers who are not actually friends of mine in real life to get to know me better. I suspect many of my readers are the loyal followers I’ve had since day one, but I hope I’ve gained some new pals since February 2010!

So readers, friends, relatives, humor me and comment below with what you’re dying to know about The Traveling Circus!

9 thoughts on “Enquire Within: Ask Me Anything

  1. What is the most difficult thing for you to cope with when David travels? How much has your perspective on that changed in the past year?

  2. One thing that is incredibly important to me when it comes to parenting is that my children develop a close bond and that they feel they can always rely on each other. I have a sister and she is and has always been (except maybe when I was 10 and she was 15 :)) my best friend. I mostly chalk that up to being brainwashed from a young age by my parents that we are the closest to one another.
    Since you are very close to your sister too I would love to hear your take on this, i.e. how do you plan to encourage V and her future sibling(s) to develop a close relationship? Do you think that it depends mostly on the children’s nature, do parents play an active role or do children learn from the relationship their parents have with their siblings?
    Sorry this is long!

    1. Great question on nurturing the relationship between siblings. I’m vary curious. My parents were not close to their siblings and similarly my brother and I were not as close but have grown closer as adults. Interested in hearing thoughts on how I can cultivate that relationship when I’m a parent….

  3. How did you make the transition to being a vegetarian and what advice do you have? How did your body respond to this change? What successes/challenges have you had in explaining your choice to your family/friends?

  4. Who would you choose as your celebrity freebie:
    Joaqine Pheonix – (in Signs)
    Brad Pitt -circa Legends of the Fall
    Andy Roddick
    Prince Harry orrrr
    Ben Folds?! HA!
    There’s the tough-hitting question!

  5. I would like to know how you became a runner, like how did you build up to it? I know you were not always a runner, so how did this change! I know Jess can help me with the mechanics of it, but the mental part is my biggest hurdle! Especially now with Jack I really want to get into it but honestly I’m scared! haha

  6. I’m with Kaylie! I need some mental motivation – share your secret 😉

    Also – since you like to read… If you could bring one character to life from your favorite book, who would it be?


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