By choosing to come to Japan this season, we had to make the heartbreaking decision to leave our dogs behind for seven months. Red tape and timelines and the stress of travel for such a short time period didn’t make it possible or even sensible to bring them with us this time. And as much as I love Dave and the baby, the dogs are as much a part of our  family as anyone. I cried a little when I left my sister and my mom and dad. But I cried a lot when I hugged my pooches goodbye. From California to Michigan to Canada to Germany to Norway to Texas and back, these dogs have been there with me through everything.

When I Skype with my mom (every day, if you must know) I always ask to see my dogs. Maybe I expected to see them reading depressing books of poetry or sipping on a stiff drink, or even openly weeping and calling my name. But mostly they are just gnawing on a rawhide (Falcor) or sitting on my dad’s lap (both) or chasing a ball (Falcor) or sleeping a sleep deeper than any human ever has (Enid). They go on long walks and sleep in the bed and get dinner on time. They will probably be happy to see me when I get home, but they don’t seem to miss me at all.

This must be what it’s like when you send your kids to college and they forget to call you because they are having such a good time. You are SO GLAD they are adjusting well, but whatthehelliraisedyouandyouneedmethisisheartbreaking.

2 thoughts on “Dogsick

  1. Ah-soo. Now wise young mother understands what it is like to see her babies be apart from the nest. Just wait til Vesper goes to college.

  2. They miss you, V and Dave so much, they just know you’d want them to be having fun with your mom and dad so they do their best…. HUG HUG.
    p.s. is it weird to see Sophie in V’s arms without Falcor snatching it away?

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