Music On Monday: Throw It On Me

If you have a hard time picturing an iPod that contains about a million Sarah Harmer songs also containing this Timbaland number, then you don’t know me very well. While the credit leads with Timbaland and ‘features’ the Hives, one listen lets you know who really carries this song. Hint: not Timbaland, never spelled Timberland.

I’m a big fan of the Hives and the energy their music gives me, but the addition of some ALWAYS SO DAMN CATCHY HOW DOES HE DO THAT Timbaland effects and this thing is gold for any run or workout that needs a boost. As we must do with some music, I urge you not to delve too deeply into the details and ask yourself ‘why would Lane recommend a song which uses “titties” in the lyrics?’ Sometimes we just need the beat, and a strongly worded letter to Timbaland can absolve you of any feminist guilt you might be feeling after you air-drum your way through this song. Also, I do like shaking my ass. There, I said it.

Bottom line: if you’re trying to get up a hill/over a hump/to the finish line of something involving sweat and burn, this song needs to be on your playlist.

2 thoughts on “Music On Monday: Throw It On Me

  1. Who doesn’t like shaking their ass? The Hives are incredible live…and Timbaland delivers pavement pounding beats…don’t know how I missed this one!

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