Salute The Sun

My yoga practice isn’t what it once was. I do it when I can, where I can, which often means a baby weaving in and out of my arms and legs, using me as pull-up bar, pounding on my face, screaming happily and drooling crazily. It’s all very zen.

No more incense (fire hazard) or moving meditation (must be on alert) or extended time relaxing in savasana (or in any position anywhere at any time)…but change is part of life and if yoga has taught me one thing (besides the fact that I am capable of a headstand thankyouvermuch) it’s to accept each moment for what it is, to really be in the present. So that’s what we do.

7 thoughts on “Salute The Sun

  1. Love the photos! It won’t be long before V tries imitating you. We have a whole photo shoot of Una going through my yoga book, hilarious.

    On a side note, I never figured out how those postpartum yoga positions could really work, you know those with a woman 2wks pp in the lotus position holding her newborn on her knee or whatever…

    1. HAHA! I know what you mean Jelena, I never even attempted that kind of mother-newborn yoga. I just set her in a bouncy seat or whatever and did what I wanted to next to her. Oh those where the days, weren’t they? When she was just a little lump who needed to be fed! 🙂

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