Music on Monday: We Are One

I originally heard about Rene and Jeremy from fellow world traveler/blogger/mother/badass Rachel. I bought the CD ‘It’s A Big World’ before the baby was even born, and fell in love with the music. It’s calming like lullabies should be but not mind numbing like they can be. The lyrics are baby-friendly but mama-approved and the acoustic guitars and vocal harmony make you feel like dancing barefoot with flower garlands in your hair.

After the baby was born, the ideas I had about how you actually soothe a baby were shattered into pieces. I thought it was a very 1, 2, 3 step process and ta-da! baby is calm. I didn’t realize the amount of floor pacing and side-to-side swaying and rhythmic shooshing was involved. Logic tells us that music calms adults who are upset, so why wouldn’t it work on babies, too? Makes sense, but in a state of sleep deprived delirium I had lost my ability to reason.

About two weeks into the baby’s life, I remember the CD purchased months earlier. So I put it in, took my standard boob-out, head lolled back position in the glider and away we went. And you know what? She did like the music. Fussed less, calmed more quickly. And eventually, after playing the disc on repeat, we discovered she even had a favorite. All twelve tracks are worth hearing (my faves are the title track and the cover of ‘Three Little Birds’), even over and over again, but what follows is the one that worked best to soothe our little love in her earliest days.

M.o.M. Past:

Sarah Harmer

Timbaland ft. The Hives

2 thoughts on “Music on Monday: We Are One

  1. I’m loving music Mondays Lane. I’ll be downloading this one for sure. Also I loved your post today as it brought back my own memories of when Lila was really little and we listened over and over to The Farmer’s “I’ve been sitting all day, bailing hay, thinking bout the world in a serious way…” because that one seemed to calm her and get a smile.

  2. We LOVE Renee & Jeremy! Alice got hooked on “It’s a Big World.” She watches them on you tube all the time. She has since expanded her music preferences to Michael Jackson (Wanna be Startin Something), Travis (Follow the Light), and Cold Play (Fix You). She has about 5 songs that she loves and that is all we listen to. Her latest favorite is “Gracie” by Ben Folds. It’s a great tune, you should check it out. Love reading your blog!

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