Music on Monday: Doomsday

I first learned of Elvis Perkins in Dearland on NPR, so it has to be good right? But this good?! Even NPR out did themselves this time.

I love this music for the talent the band possesses. I love this music because it’s quirky, haunting, lively, lovely and powerful. I love rooms full of long-haired men pounding on drums.

When I die (at the age of 92, during my nap, after a walk, while holding hands with David as he dies simultaneously), I want a band playing this song at the after-party while everyone drinks wine from a box.

Despite the foreboding title, I love the spirit of the song, the heavy use of trombone and the way it celebrates the inevitability of the end.

“I don’t let doomsday bother me — do you let it bother you?”

M.o.M. Past:

Sarah Harmer

Timbaland ft. The Hives

Rene and Jeremy

One thought on “Music on Monday: Doomsday

  1. Awwww…..Mike was also listening to that NPR broadcast. And has been playing this guy ever since. And the story behind the song is crazy-moving.

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