Parenting Strategies of the Month

Produce double as toys when you need to make lunch and nothing outside the kitchen interests the baby. Hint: oranges are harder to bruise than bananas or apples.

If your high chair has no belt to restrain your very enthusiastic child, getting her to eat a meal without either falling onto her head or crawling on the table can be difficult. The problem can be solved, however, if you play her an episode of Spooks (season 1 episode 4 if you must know, because she needs to be exposed to Hugh Laurie as much as possible) during the meal. YES I KNOW TV IS THE DEVIL but she never sees it at all, won’t even look at children’s shows (even if I beg her while I try to make some dinner pleasebabyplease watch 10 minutes of Dinosaur Train so I can cut potatoes) and I might as well cultivate a love of accents and spies in her early.

If you want to read the paper, but your baby won’t let you do so in peace…forget about peace. Read it aloud so you’re BOTH learning and surrender to the ripping of pages so you’re both having fun.

7 thoughts on “Parenting Strategies of the Month

  1. great strategies.. i must say that lucy and vesper were on the same train of not wanting to watch any cartoon or tv whatsoever and about 2 months ago the elmo obsession started. we swore ourselves that we’d never let her like elmo..we were determined to keep him a furry red secret but once she heard the opening rhythm of Elmos World song (not a worthy youtube if you haven’t heard it) it was all over and we are now proud owners of The Best of Elmos World-3 disc series. This becomes breakfast and bedtime routine that keeps our family sane. Thanks Elmo. I say this because she will someday find this red furry freak and it will annoy you but give in..give in because it gives you freedom to have 2 free arms and a clean house. im done rambling now.

    1. haha Elmo is one of the only things Harper really enjoys watching. I said the same, ‘Elmo is annoying’..but now I know it gives me a few minutes to get my place back in order. The best part is while working this this summer, I’d catch myself singing ‘Elmo’s Song’ arrgghhh…this is what motha-hood does!

      1. Elmo has stolen their hearts! 🙂 I’m going to hold off as long as possible on the annoying Elmo voice infiltrating my house. But I’m glad to know it will work to give me some free hands!

  2. Ha! H watches an episode of a pre-approved show while I am cooking d-i-n-n-e-r. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Thomas the Train -the actual trains, not the dumbed-down animated version-, Dinosaur Train, or Sesame Street (only some parts as it’s an hour long and there is no way he needs that much television, plus my recipes are 30 minutes or less 🙂 Yes, I’ve given into the furry little red guy….no, i don’t mean H

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