A Taste of Japan: Pocky

I already told you about the tiny cookies that I eat by the sleeve, but they are NOTHING, nothing, compared to a box of Pocky. I eat them a box at a time. The Pocky makers separate the Pockys into two portions inside the box, but who are they kidding?

Pocky is a favorite Japanese treat, a biscuit stick with a chocolate (or some other non-chocolate flavors that I didn’t bother sampling for obvious reasons) coating.

According to all wise and knowning Wikipedia, you can even buy these in the U.S. in Asian/international grocery stores!? What the what?! I’m going to have to get on that once I’m home.

And the name Pocky is apparently an onomatopoeia for the way it sounds when you bite it. I am literally married to an onomatopoeia so this is right up my alley.

My sister did the honors of helping me taste test all these flavors. We share a love of eating in bed while watching Project Runway.

The good news: Alley didn’t like Salty, Mint or Coconut. I didn’t like Panda. The other good news: She loved plain Chocolate and Panda and I loved everything else so all these boxes were emptied appropriately.

12 thoughts on “A Taste of Japan: Pocky

  1. are they sweet, the little sticky/biscuit part that is? i can imagine that being delicious. but in my mind they taste like those super thin fake italian breadsticks that come in a box here and that does NOT sound good with chocolate. Well, ok, it doesn’t sound bad with chocolate (I mean not a lot really would be) but it doesn’t sound nearly as good as the sweet version.

    1. Jackie, they aren’t like the weird Italian breadsticks, but they aren’t really sweet either. I’m almost describe it as kind of an unsalted pretzel…that kind of consistency. Amazing!

  2. YES!!! Def in the good ol’ US of A. These fancy little sticks are the what we used to teach julian to count when he was just a wee one ;o)

  3. There are a bunch of flavors at the Asian grocer a few blocks from us. I’ve never tried them…but will do so soon 🙂 xoxoxo

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