November 2, 2010

On this day last year, I was 39 weeks pregnant. I was one week away from giving birth, though I didn’t know that yet. I love looking at this picture of myself. I love how I loved all that weight I had gained. I love how I had NO friggin’ idea of what was coming. I love how even though I could barely sleep without my hips screaming and I definitely couldn’t so much as lay down without acid burning up my throat, I was fine with staying pregnant for…a while. I had so many lessons coming my way. So many coming still.

One of the most important things the last year has taught me is that all the time we were building relationships with important people in our lives, we were laying the groundwork of a network that will also support our daughter. I have some really, really amazing friends. More than anyone could ever ask for. But it’s not their quantity, but their quality that makes me so humbled. They have been there for me through this last year, sharing our joy, shouldering our burdens, hearing all my fears and calming my worries. Through the days, weeks, months and often in the wee hours, they have loved me and loved Dave and loved our baby and I couldn’t be more grateful for that.

One year later, I want to share with you one example of the many kindnesses done to us. On the day after the most important day of my life so far, I got an email from three friends (friends who prove the power of the internet as a tool of connection, not just a vehicle for garbage). Liz, Abby and Caitlin were sending their gift to us, complete with a card in video form (just as impressive as the gift itself) and a gift certificate for a newborn photo session with JennyLeigh (who is really amazing and lovely and talented if you live in the Dallas area!). I watched this video again today, and it speaks volumes to the adventure we were just starting that day and that continues this day…and the friends who hold our hands along the way. I am so thankful.

3 thoughts on “November 2, 2010

  1. I love that video, it always gets me all teary!

    I can’t believe how much V has changed! Did you ever go back for the re-shoot? x

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