When Dad Is Away The Vegans Will Play

It’s not always easy to be a vegetarian married to an omnivore. In our current domestic arrangement, I do the majority of the cooking. And while Dave is a really supportive omnivore who tries my vegan experiments and regularly eats my vegetarian staples while dabbling in reducing his own meat intake, he craves a certain amount of animal protein. I appreciate all his efforts, but I don’t like shopping for, touching or preparing meat. So when he’s gone, us girls get to play with vegan recipes and enjoy the freedom of not having Dave’s voracious appetite to fulfill. We test-drive new dishes and try and find those that will help our cause, our cause being helping Dave to edge ever closer to our side of the meat vs. non-meat divide.

There are lots of amazing vegetarian and vegan food blogs around the internet. But I favor those with simple recipes. Simple, both in terms of actual prep time but mostly in terms of what the recipe itself calls for. I love the idea of cutting back and perhaps ideally eventually eliminating animal products, but I do not have the desire or the time to mix together concoctions with 5 different kinds of obscure flour or ingredients I can’t pronounce and can’t locate in any normal grocery store. Eating healthy and according to my value system does NOT need to be a chemistry experiment.

Oh She Glows is one of my favorite vegan blogs because on the whole all her recipes meet my criteria. Simple. Made with whole foods. Delicious. Since the baby is guaranteed to fill her belly (one of my key strategies for nighttime peace and quiet) when noodles are on the menu, we whipped up some Creamy Avocado Pasta tonight while Dave was in Tokyo playing a game.

The kitchen in our furnished apartment came with a little tiny Japan-sized blender, and I’ve yet to find a time to fire it up.  So I was really excited to use it to make this creamy, delicious sauce. Ingredients were added, blender was plugged in and I hit the switch!

The sound of the blender caused an IMMEDIATE COMPLETE AND UTTER BABY MELTDOWN. I mean sometimes she kind of frowns when the vacuum is running, but this was like full on tears-running-down-the-face-gasping-for-breath crying. So…we mixed it by hand. And she found that hilarious, laughing through her tears. This procedure made the sauce a little bit less creamy than what it was meant to be, but it certainly didn’t affect the taste at all.

We used 3 garlic cloves, and I think next time I’d use 1.5. We couldn’t find fresh basil at the market, so we used dried and it sufficed. The baby dominated her portion and I did my motherly duty and made sure to eat the rest. Dave can expect this to be on the menu next week…

One thought on “When Dad Is Away The Vegans Will Play

  1. Just found your blog and am already a fan! As another veggie married to an omnivore (who also does all the cooking, since said omnivore can ruin instant mac ‘n cheese somehow!) I love, love, love this post – and just may have to try out this recipe 😉

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