Perhaps I Should Have Specified

I talk to my sister on Skype every day. Every single day. Dave doesn’t understand this, but it’s an important part of our relationship when continents or even city blocks separate us.

Our conversations run the gamut of topics. We talk about our daily lives. Share Etsy wish lists. Catch up on gossip from home. Talk about music.

On this particular day I wanted to get her take on the band The Civil Wars, a band my friend Caitlin recently brought to my attention and with whom I am now in love. There was no segue from whatever non-musical topic that we were discussing before this, and our lack of capitalization and/or critical reading skills caused a minor confusion. Hilarity ensues.

4 thoughts on “Perhaps I Should Have Specified

  1. Yay, so glad you like the band! They are amazing. But I definitely have had similar reactions to their name! “What civil wars? Civil wars in general?” They are releasing a Christmas song soon, apparently.

  2. They have a few good songs -I feel like after 3 of them they start to sound the same. I feel this way about Mumphford and Sons too. Also I’d like to make a intercontinental request: Next Monday will you come up with a generation spanning song (or two) for me to play in my spin classes? 🙂 Something with a solid beat -oldie but a goodie? I’m always on the hunt for good songs to play in classes.

    1. Your request will be heard! Not in time for this Monday, but for next! I actually don’t find that about The Civil Wars, I feel like their songs have quite a bit of variety. And while I can agree about the newest Mumfor and Sons, it’s a kind of repetition that I can dig! xoxox

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