Cold-ish Turkey

My love of treats is no secret. Sweets of all ilk are my weakness. Especially York patties. Or Red Vines. Or Riesens. And now Pocky.

I obviously don’t have a problem with sweet treats as a part of a normal diet. All things in moderation blah blah something. But lately, if I’m honest, I’ve sailed past moderation right into the sea of gluttony. Dessert after every meal? I’m fine with that. Dessert after dessert followed by a course of dessert? This is starting to become a problem.

The root of the problem, besides my sweet tooth which I’m almost certain is genetic, is emotional eating. I’m not usually prone to such habits. I do celebratory eating. I had some pregnancy-induced obsessive eating *cough:::Jimmy John’s*. But when I’m sad or lonely or anxious I mostly just natter on incessantly to Dave or sissy or Jess. Or I take a walk. Or watch episodes of Supernatural. Or I cry into the furry pelt of my baby-dogs. Maybe being apart from them is part of the problem.

But since moving to Japan I’ve picked up a nasty little habit of consoling/rewarding/entertaining myself with food. Pastries. And candies. And ice cream. My god the ice cream. The most pathetic worst part is that while I’m devouring Japanese treats I’m fantasizing about which North American treats I’d rather be devouring.

Overall, my eating habits are much healthier than the average American I’m sure. I don’t eat meat. And since living in Japan, a land of very small amounts of expensive but not particularly special cheese, very little dairy. I eat fruit and vegetables for fun, I eat whole grains eagerly. Being healthy feels and TASTES good to me. But…sugar. Mmmmmmmm I love you, sugar.

I don’t think the new trend of eating my feelings (but only if those feelings taste like ice cream or some other refined sugar) is going to have a huge negative impact on my overall health. I’m actually certain it’s only a temporary thing. But I’m starting to feel like an addict and sugar is my drug. I don’t like that feeling. I have to stop it. Did I mention I’m a teeny tiny bit of a control freak?

So I’m stopping. Cold turkey. No more treats. Mostly. I’m keeping dark chocolate in the mix because seriously does cold turkey ever work for anyone? (don’t say yes) Also, it has antioxidants! And so does a blueberry so chocolate is essentially a fruit. Also, I need it in my morning muesli! So it’s more like cold-ish turkey. Or perhaps cool turkey.

Last night after we got the baby to sleep and cleaned the mushy food off all the surfaces of our apartment, we finally sat down to relax. And I immediately thought ‘what can I eat?’ despite still being full from dinner. And I thought of the ice cream waffle sandwich in the freezer. But I made tea instead.

Later, after watching an episode of The Walking Dead from behind Dave’s shoulder and then an episode of How I Met Your Mother to ward off zombie nightmares (did not work) I again thought of the freezer drawer with the waffle ice cream. I may have (definitely did) even walked over there and opened the drawer and peered in. BUT NO! STAY STRONG.

I cut up an apple and ate it with a dip of natural peanut butter and cinnamon. And it was delicious. And just enough to make me forget (sort of) about the other thing. A week of this and maybe I can wean myself back on to reasonable amounts of treats. And writing it on the internet makes me feel vaguely accountable.

My waistline is pre-thanking me.

7 thoughts on “Cold-ish Turkey

  1. Also share your love of sugar …and yorks 😉 Still remember the huge red vines container on East Ann. Red vines = Laner.
    I tried to go cold turkey for a month once. It was terrible and I ended up cheating with dark chocolate covered almonds now and then so I think cool turkey is a fantastic idea 🙂 Stay strong but don’t be too hard on yourself.

  2. Throw that sammy out! NOW! haha. I just went through every cupboard I own and threw out everything that was tempting. I know, it hurt the pocket book to see that money (and food) being wasted, but I figure if it’s there, I may eat it. So, throwing it out was my way to deal. 🙂

    PS- Did you make a Red Rose tea? 🙂

  3. A great help/compromise to the cravings -I gained a sweet tooth whilst pregnant- is hot chocolate. I don’t know if it’s a lot healthier, but anything in liquid form seeems healthier.

    PS Matt started watching season 1 of Walking Dead. SO SCAREY. I quit watching that show -cold turkey.

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