Etsy Milestones

In a previous rave about Etsy, I told you about my plan to create a custom piece of art for Dave and I each year on our anniversary. That post was made in 2009 and I ended it with a promise to update you with the art chosen for our 3rd anniversary…well our 5th anniversary came and went in August, and I’ve yet to update you. So here it is, our anniversary collection, to date, in its entirity.

It all started with this watercolor of our family at the time ::hello little Falcor!:: by LaMaga (who, sadly, can’t be found on Etsy anymore). In 2008, selflesh made us a gorgeous map collage of places special to us. A simple print by SilhouetteBlue of our initials on a tree was the choice in 2009. For our fourth anniversary things went a little more graphic where the dates we met, got engaged, got married, found out we were expecting, and our anniversary that year created a print like this one by jenwoodhouse. This year I chose a silhouette of our family photo, customized for us by nelladesigns. Can you recognize the angelic baby and those adorable pooches in the ‘Drake’ family!? We’re famous!

Etsy is still one of my most commonly indulged guilty pleasures. And while I do spend a significant amount of my very limited free time browsing, my friend Abby is the queen of Etsy (2007-2010s anniversary art choices were chosen with the help of Abby as my Etsy-personal-shopper!), so check out her Treasury Tuesday if you want the cream of the Etsy crop.   

So as the baby’s first birthday approached and I scoured the earth for the perfect gift, I got the idea of starting a similar handmade tradition for her birthday. In addition to whatever gift Dave and I choose for her each year, I am going to be buying her a hat to start off each winter with.

For the inaugural birthday hat I chose amazing Etsy seller sweetbabydolly to make a custom hat (working with this seller was REALLY great, she took the rather vague ideas I had and showed me exactly what I was imagining!) to coordinate with the hilariously adorable bomber jacket given to the baby for her birthday by her Auntie Julie.

I love the jacket and I love to fancy myself really forward thinking and above gender roles, but my bald, bald little baby needs a head covering when the mercury drops…so I thought something to distinguish her as a girl in this badass jacket would be adorable. I was CORRECT. Damn you gender roles!

3 thoughts on “Etsy Milestones

  1. Funny, I just finished an hour long etsy-fest. Time for Christmas and Birthday shopping. Thanks for teaching me all things etsy!

  2. Such a great idea for anniversary gifts!

    I have to admit that quite a few of Abby’s Etsy recs have made it to onto our Christmas/birthdays/random gifts lists (this sounds better than saying that I shamelessly stole her picks, right? :))

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