And Then The Universe Said…

Yesterday was just one of those days. One of those expat days where everything feels wrong.

I actually said things like this to Dave:

“I’m sick of the dishes. And the tiny stove with the non-existent oven. And I want a dryer. In my house. And a wash cycle that is HOT. And I want to go to the grocery store and read things. I WANT TO KNOW WHAT THE F^&k I AM LOOKING AT ALL THE TIME.”

And then he said:

“How can I make you feel better about this?” (awww, so nice)

And I said:

“You can’t.” (what a bitch!)

So we headed to the grocery store to find some dinner. I was sullen and annoyed at everything in the general sense. Dave was trying to keep things light but was probably really annoyed with me in a very specific sense.

And then the universe turned my frown upside down. With this:

To you this looks like one of the most common and easily accessible vegetables in the world. To me, this looks like a golden, amazing, rare nugget of deliciousness. Cauliflower is not only usually very hard to find in Japan, it is often about the size of my fist but costs about $5 a head. So sad. But yesterday, at our local market there was a huge bin of these FULL SIZE mothers on sale for like $2 a head! You know I didn’t just buy one.

We bought 4 in total, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t consider taking a couple more but I knew Dave might have to put his foot down somewhere. We ate one head in yellow Thai curry last night. And tonight another will be sacrificed for my favorite cauliflower-taco recipe. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm tacos.

After we had the cart full of cauliflowers, my mood went up about 200%.  Japan isn’t so bad after all! Who needs a dryer?! Why would you wash your laundry on hot anyway?! I don’t even like reading packaging or signs or anything at all! It was a dramatic change. I said to Dave after we checked out:

“Do you know what cured my bad mood?”

And he said:

“All that cauliflower.”


When we got home from the market, the universe just wanted to further hammer home the point that I am a whiney bitch but that it loves me anyway. So two packages from my mother-in-law were ready and waiting to be torn asunder by our greedy little mitts. There were gloves for me and Winnipeg Jets gear for all of us and Dr. Seuss books and dresses for the baby…but mostly, there was this:

So much for cold-ish turkey. But I do what the universe tells me to.

4 thoughts on “And Then The Universe Said…

  1. Aww Lane, I can soooooo remember that feeling living in China…and then it passes and of course my mom always comes through with the treats…

  2. I see how this would cheer you up. If I had to choose one food item to eat for the rest of my life it would definitely be cauliflower. If it is so difficult to find and expensive in Japan that is a very good reason for me to scratch Japan off of my list of places to ever-potentially-be-able-to-live.

    Thanks for the recipe, I will definitely try that out.

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