A Taste of Japan: Okonomiyaki

I was told of a dish known as Japanese pizza…all I heard was pizza though so I was like ‘yes please!’ Turns out that okonomiyaki (which means loosely ‘fry whatever you want’) is more of a pancake (think like a savory Dutch pannekoeken) crossed with a latke where the shredded potatoes are replaced with shredded cabbage. I don’t see the pizza reference at all, except maybe in that you can choose your toppings, but luckily I’m also a huge fan of pancakes. And lakes. And anything made on a griddle.

Feel free to choose from this menu…(welcome to my world of permanent confusion)

The griddle at our table is primed and ready to go.

The vegetarian selection: cabbage, peas, carrots, sesame seeds, egg and flour. Then you mix it all up in the bowl!

Mama’s hungry, let’s get this on the grill!After grilling one side we brush on thick, sweet soy sauce.

There aren’t any more photos after this. I was all about documenting this for purposes of blogging and remembering and then I started eating the thing and my mind went blank. It was DELICIOUS. We also had rice and noodles and overall the meal was a great success except for the baby’s paralyzing fear of the sounds of sizzling on the grill. No one could have predicted that.

 I bookmarked a couple of recipes so I can share this meal with friends and family when we get home! Try them yourself, vegetarian or traditional!

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