I Feel Crafty: Birthday Edition

I am not particularly crafty. I can’t really make much with my hands. I can’t knit or sew or make pottery. Seeing as the baby’s first birthday celebration was bound to be mercifully low-key, I wanted to assuage the always whispering voice of ‘mother’s guilt’ and make something special to decorate the house on her special day. Also, I have a bit of spare time after the baby’s 7pm bedtime and Dave took a 5 day trip to China just before her birthday so I wanted a project to keep me busy.

My main criteria were a) something I found aesthetically pleasing (didn’t you know? it’s all about me) b) something I could re-use on future birthdays c) something I could make in the time of 4 Battlestar Galactica re-runs (without commercials) or less. Ultimately I chose a birthday banner/bunting.

Materials: construction paper, origami paper (including an animal print set!), scissors, glue stick, ribbon.

Process: I cut 19 isosceles triangles in construction paper, which was a lot harder than I thought it would be but luckily I had enough paper to afford a few mistakes. I paired the origami with the various colors of paper and set out the pattern. Then I drew the letters freehand on the backside of the origami before cutting them out. The trickiest part for me was drawing letters backwards, particularly the ‘s.’ I glued the letters on the paper. VOILE.

Time used: Exactly 3 commercial-free Battlestar episodes or roughly 2 hours. I’m 100% sure it wouldn’t take as long if you are either a) better at drawing a triangle or b) better at drawing letters backwards. You could definitely save time by using any of many free letter outline templates online, but I really wanted it to have the legit homemade look.

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