Music on Monday: Hospital Beds

Cold War Kids have been a guilty pleasure of mine for a couple of years. Dave always gets a little chuckle when he turns on the iPod and my entire CWK collection is on rotation…again. I guess he just finds it a little out of character for me? I’m not sure what it is exactly. I love the soulful voice. I love the drum beats. Also, how hot is a tattooed arm hammering away on the piano? Hot. So much like when Dave plays chopsticks in a tank top but with surgical scars instead of tattoos.

CWK have been pegged as being a Christian rock band in disguise (that disguise, I guess, is skinny jeans and body art) and for some reason for a while there the music blogosphere used that as some kind of accusation against them. But if the music sounds good and the words feel right, I just go with it. What difference does it make to me what they do or do not pray to in their spare time if I really enjoy the sounds?

It’s like the time when Dave burnt me a CD with ‘No One Loves Me Like You’ by Jars of Clay and was talking about how romantic the lyrics are and I was like…’You know in all likelihood that song is about Jesus, right?’ and he was like…’Say whaaaaa?’ But at the end of the day, he still loves that song because he hears it through his own filter in his own way. And that’s music for you maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnn (said in my best stoned voice).

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