I Feel Crafty: Holiday Edition

The holiday decor in our apartment is pretty sparse. A strand of lights. A 700yen pre-lit, pre-decorated tree. End of story. I wanted to make a little something, perhaps this year’s ornament for the baby, and I decided (based on availability and ease of use) felt would be my medium.

I thought of shapes like a tree or a star or a candy cane but I settled on a stocking because it seemed easy to outline and we don’t have stockings anyway so, two birds one stone. And then I thought, why not make one for the other children of Dave’s teammates? Oh wow I am so thoughtful and nice but so let’s make a list of all their names! :::writing writing writing wait there are 21 kids on this team!? awwwwwww shit:::

Well, it’s not like I have a life. Let the crafting commence.

Materials: felt, glue, thread

Process: You might be surprised to find out how difficult it is to make a reasonable pattern for a stocking-shape. I found an outline online then put newspaper on my screen and traced. Next I pinned the pattern to folded-over felt and cut out the stocking front and back. I cut the letters for each name freehand (again, the same challenge of writing letters backwards as last time but with SO many more letters) and glued them to the front. I cut some of the felt garland to fit and glued it on the backside. Using the most simple stitch imaginable I sewed the stocking together, jammed in some stuffing (I used a chopstick to help ease it into the smaller corners) and then closed it with a few final stitches.

Time Used: 8 Battlestar Galactica episodes without commercials, which is approximately 360 minutes or 6 hours. That sounds like a looooong time but I completed 21 of these bad boys so that means it was about 17 minutes per stocking. Lightening speeds.

6 thoughts on “I Feel Crafty: Holiday Edition

  1. You are too much (goodness). These are the cutest! They will be loved and appreciated. Your crafty skills are really increasing 🙂 Miss you. xoxoxo

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