Parenting Strategies Of The Month

I could tell you that the mess on this child’s face isn’t crystalized sugar and donut cream…but why lie? I do remember a certain version of myself when I was like ‘my child won’t eat refined sugar blah blah something something.’ I had a point, there is a childhood obesity epidemic after all. But also…I have to let her LIVE life. And also, a donut keeps her in a seat at Mr. Donut for like 23 minutes.

Just ignore the devil/Satan television machine, and realize that my child is totally fixated by a hockey game. She claps when someone, anyone at all really, scores. She yells out when the crowd screams. And her dad beams. And I sit in the corner and read in peace and pretend I can’t hear hockey noises. It’s working for everyone.

I bought this garland in a classic, bad parenting moment at the 100yen shop after the baby had discovered it in the aisle we were browsing and started going absolutely bat shit crazy every time I tried to take it away from her so I simply bought it instead. That bat shit craziness continued when I tried to prevent her from destroying it at home. So she destroyed it. In the spirit of Christmas. I used a broom on it later.

Our child may have a slight dog obsession. I have no idea where it came from. And since our dear beloved dog babies are too many miles away to think about, I take her to the dog store so she can get her fix. A store clerk holding a puppy is like a hypnotist as far as this child is concerned, she can’t tear her eyes of them.

Last year the baby was a little blob in the arms of a very, VERY authentic Santa.  This year she is a skeptic on the knee of not-so-convincing Santa-san. And instead of instantly rescuing her I left her in pure terror silent-scream-cry long enough for me to get a picture for her future wedding slide show. Poor traumatized thing.

10 thoughts on “Parenting Strategies Of The Month

  1. Do whatcha gotta do. No judging from this house. 23 minutes is possibly enough time for you to eat 2 donuts to her one! WINNING

  2. Sit still for 23 mins? Where do they make these donuts and can you order them online :)??
    BTW, the expression on her face in that first photo is awesome. Looks like you are raising one bad-ass daughter.

  3. Love this! And agree with the do what you have to attitude! Sometimes I wish Jack would take interest in the devin that is the TV! Just for like 5-10 minutes so I could run upstairs and brush my teeth without having to sneak down the stairs to peek on him to make sure he hasn’t pulled down the Christmas tree!

    1. I know what you mean Kaylie, V didn’t even so much as glance at a TV until around 11months, and now hockey is the safest bet. I do limit it to when I really need two free minutes because it tends to make her cranky!

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