Lately I’ve seen a lot comments on blogs, Twitter and Facebook that say something like:

If I have to read ONE more article/blog/tweet/status about babies/Rick Santorum/fantasy football/losing weight , I swear to gawd my head will explode/I’ll close my account/I’ll leave the internet forever!

Amazing news for those of you are sick of mommy blogs or celebrity tweeters or annoying updates from your d-bag highschool classmates! The internet is NOT mandatory! In fact, you can simply NEVER use it at all! Or or or! Or you can simply NOT read the things that annoy you! Freedom from persecution is simply a click away! Admittedly, you may have to get 3 or 4 words into something annoying before realizing its offensive nature, but at that point you are in no way compelled to go on reading! Isn’t this wonderful news?

You are welcome.


  1. HAHA! Made me laugh out loud 🙂 Recently took a hiatus from Facebook because it was driving me a little nuts – very liberating in a way, but some of my friends have considered it rash – I just hope they will get back to the days of actually emailing me a picture if they think I would like to see it – and vice versa! 🙂

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