I Don’t Get Out Much

We rarely leave this apartment together but without the baby. I do wish we did it more, but seeing as her bedtime hovers around 6:15pm and a) we live 2,000,000,032 miles from the most trusted and available (obligated?) forms of babysitters ie: blood relatives and b) I am a teeny tiny bit possibly a control freak with some attachment issues, it just doesn’t happen that often. But last night thanks to the babysitting skills of Dave’s coach’s daughter, we left the house for nearly 3 hours to celebrate a friend’s birthday just like people who don’t have to keep a human alive the next day! Except we drank way less than those people do because the chance of us sleeping in the next morning are zero.

Last night I drank three glasses of delicious wine, laughed loudly, sat down for 3 hours with 2 free hands and learned that it feels unnaturally good to sing Jason Mraz songs at the top of your voice.

It started real mature and legit at a restaurant with nibbles and drinks. It only took an hour for it to get properly fun at the karaoke place because, well, that’s what you do for fun in Japan. It looked like this:

5 thoughts on “I Don’t Get Out Much

  1. I REALLY like David Bonk in a beanie… a page out of ol’ Matt Jones style catalogue. Dave rocks it really well. (I know what someone is getting for his May Day Bday!).

  2. Ha ha, by the blurriness of your photos it looks like you don’t drink three glasses of wine often anymore either! Glad you and Dave got some alone time/fun time.

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