The Phone Knows

Yesterday afternoon as Dave and I settled into our own private mind-spaces while the baby napped, his cell phone started making some kind of ungodly siren/buzzing/beeping noise.

We both kind of looked around frantically like ‘What the shiz?! Where is it? What is it?’ And while any sound that urgent is probably designed to make people feel alert and alarmed, we were mostly panicking that this blasted noise was going to wake the baby from her nap.

Me: ‘It’s your phone!’

Dave: ‘Oh right! :::grabs phone::: Earthquake warning!!!!!!!!!!!’

Me: ‘Huh?’

Dave: :::running down the hall to the baby’s room while the apartment starts rumbling and I’m still pondering whether it’s worth waking her from her nap:::

And then it ended and she went back to sleep and all was right with the world.

Cats can see ghosts, dogs can smell cancer and now phones can predict earthquakes. What will they think of next!?

3 thoughts on “The Phone Knows

  1. Yes, isn’t it crazy? I was at my mother-in-law’s when her phone started making that strange noise, and then these weird sirens started going outside and there was some announcement on a loudspeaker (!?). Outside! But she was all blase: “Oh, it must be another earthquake.”

    1. TOTALLY weird! And yet the earthquake wasn’t much stronger than many that have come with no warning so I feel like the siren just got my heart beating faster but didn’t mean much in the end!

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