The Best Part of the Worst Day

Today was the day my little baby got the stomach flu. It was the first time I have EVER seen her throw-up. This fact is amazing considering she is 14 months old but it also left me emotionally unprepared for the shock of such a sight. And before today I had never seen ANYONE projectile vomit, but I can assure you that is a real phenomenon. Enough about that.

So today we went into survival mode. She didn’t want to eat but was keen to nurse off and on all day. She didn’t want to play. Or even watch hockey highlights. Mostly, she just wanted to lay her head on her mom and make tiny, sad, moaning sounds.

The bright spot of this rather unhappy day is that one of my dreams finally came true: I had a nap with my baby. I know the thing to do these days in North America is send your kids off to their own bed as young as possible and never let them in your sacred mattress area ever again (although a very informal survey of my friends seems to indicate that most people LET ON that they have such rules, but actually find themselves in an occasional if not regular kids-all-up-in-the-bed situation…and they are totally fine with it).

We however, have never had to banish this little lady to her crib because she did that herself. Around 4 months she just stopped WANTING to cuddle while sleeping. It’s a blessing, I know, in that we have a long peaceful night without a toddler snoring between us…but sometimes we just want to CUDDLE her. And sleep together. And we TRY to make her co-sleep, we coax her and keep our eyes closed and make shushing noises but she just continues to pound on our faces or say ‘Hi Dad. Hi Dad. Hi. HI. HIIIIII’ until we take her to her own room where she lays in her bed, rolls over, and goes to sleep. Very convenient and yet quite heartbreaking.

Today, however, her exhaustion and her discomfort led to her take solace in my arms, to rest in our bed, to cuddle between pukes. I’ll cherish that moment forever and be grateful that Dave had the sense to take a picture.

7 thoughts on “The Best Part of the Worst Day

  1. Oh, sorry V is poorly but how amazing is that photo?
    This is how we spent the last two nights since our 14 month old has not yet figured that there is another way to breathe, other than his blocked nose. No one got much sleep but I too enjoyed the cuddles.
    I hope that she feels better very soon, projectile vomitting on babies is just sad.

  2. Get well soon V and I’m glad you and mama are having some well deserved cuddling. My mom recently told me that I also wasn’t much of a cuddle bug while Jack was…too independent she said 🙂 You? Alley?

  3. What a beautiful photo? Whenever your kids get really sick it brings out a fear and an intensity of love that kind of blows your mind…

  4. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh that photo made me teary. I so so so understand, having your baby sleep on your chest and just want to cuddle with you all day is just heaven. I hope V feels better soon!

  5. Ooooo….little peanut. I do love sick days for this reason. But I vastly prefer cold-like-sick rather than flu stuff. For obvious reasons. Poor things.

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