Parenting Strategies of the Month

If the only thing a sick little baby will eat in 4 days is approximately 3 licks of a grape popsicle, you’ll be thanking the inventors of grape popsicle and seeing 3 licks as a huge victory.

Sometimes, I let her fend for herself. At this particular instance it was about an hour past bedtime so she was getting about one step shy of exhausted, but 5 seconds after I took this picture (instead of picking her up) another child distracted her she was fine. Baby steps to the real world, baby!

She has gained the ability to point at something she wants and say ‘THIS. THIS. THIS.’ until you give it to her. It’s annoying cute. She pointed at these crackers for 5 minutes while I said no. When I finally gave in changed my mind she just put them on the floor and enjoyed the sensation of stomping on them. While laughing. At me?

I let her walk down the road. OH MY GOD MOM CALM DOWN. I’m constantly inspired by the lack of ‘helicopter parenting’ in Japan. Is it really unreasonable to let her roam the side road we live on and explore our neighborhood while I am 3 feet away? The easiest way to get some fresh air is to just walk out our front door.I encourage learning a second language and she is trying to better communicate with her best friend Juno…but I don’t have the heart to tell her the book is upside down.

6 thoughts on “Parenting Strategies of the Month

  1. Frist of all, my kid points at everything and says “this this this this this” until I finally figure out what she wants. Soooooo cute (where cute means annoying). Second, I too, love the lack of helicopter parenting, though I think it makes me a little clueless and/or irresponsible when I’m back in North America and I let my kid wander up and down the aisles of the grocery store on her own. Haha.

  2. I love the finger point in the first pic. It’s like she’s saying “Whaddup grape popsicle! WOOT WOOT”

    I’m totally into trying to not be a helicopter parent. Can’t say I’m totally there. But I find that I do better in Marquette. Go figure. 🙂

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