I don’t want to get all political on you…

But I kind of do. Because even though this blog is mostly just a random collection of pictures and words describing the daily life of the Clonks, in real life I’m a political person. I’ve gained this super handy habit of smiling while biting my tongue, an ability I did not have until I was about 28 years old. Certainly I am not afraid to have a discussion, a debate, a heated conversation with someone about my beliefs and our political system. Through those discussions I have often gained some insight into the life experience of the other person, I’ve gleaned bits of information never before considered, I’ve had friendships grow stronger.

But other times I’ve lost complete respect for someone else while also letting them in on the not-so-well-kept secret that sometimes I can go bat-shit crazy. So at some point I finally got it through my hot head that some times those conversations are such a waste of breath and a danger to my blood pressure it’s just not worth it. So then you do the smile/tongue bite thing all the while thinking “I have rarely heard such moronic rubbish leaving the mouth of another human being.” And that usually works. But. But. BUT.

But what the hell is going on with the Republican party right now?! You may well know or probably at least could have guessed that I am generally liberal to very liberal. I do not (and will likely never) be registered with one political party since it’s all basically a mind-numbing cluster F, but for the sake of transparency I can tell you that in 2008 I voted for Obama. And in 2012 I probably will, too.

Before any of my more right-ish readers dismiss my opinion out of hand, please note that I’m not an Obama apologist who will blindly follow him (or anyone, especially a politician) into oblivion if that is where he chose to lead us. He has disappointed me in a some significant ways. Like his low-ball negotiation technique on healthcare reform and his hesitance to clearly and loudly support same-sex marriage and his unwillingness to get effing serious about the insanity that is going on at Guantanamo not to mention some of his foreign policy stances that would make the rightest of right wingers start a USA! USA! chant despite themselves.. I’m not super pumped about it all. But. But. BUT. What’s the alternative?

Unfortunately for me, in a (for all intents and purposes) two-party system I can only look to the challenging candidate. And unfortunately for millions of Americans, the choices being put forth by that other party are abysmal. I may not always agree with the ethics, but I can SEE the thought and theory behind economic conservatism. I can at least visualize the other perspective when it comes to foreign policy and armed conflict. But I cannot, will not, shall never be able to understand a hateful, uninformed platform that panders to Evangelicals and/or millionaires over issues like reproductive rights, equality for gay Americans, environmental devastation, social responsibility through financial contributions (taxes, for the layperson) and blatant violations of the separation of church and state.

There have to be, NAY! there ARE conservative politicians and Americans who want to make our foreign policy more aggressive, expand the military, continue to create and support tax loopholes for capital gains, privatize healthcare and/or education and/or social security AND AND AND allow equal marriage rights for all Americans, support the rights of women to make choices for their own reproductive health, support (at least conceptually if not in their current form) regulations meant to preserve and restore the physical environment and respect the institutions of our government as exempt from direct influence of religious entities. Such a person does exist, I truly believe that. It’s highly likely I still wouldn’t vote for such a person, but I could certainly understand that others would. Sadly, as things stand now this person’s voice will never be well-funded enough to be heard in the mainstream media because it wouldn’t stir up enough religious/patriotic/bigoted fervor in the small but wealthy pockets of people who influence the GOP so strongly today.

Similarly but conversely, despite the claims of the right calling President Obama a radical leftist he’s a moderate centrist with a few strongly liberal advisors. And a radical leftist, pacifist, feminist, atheist would never make the grade in the Democratic party because of the fear and cowardice that festers there.

And the beat goes on.

5 thoughts on “I don’t want to get all political on you…

  1. Also that person -who does exist- who is smart enough to consider compromise and maybe conservative in terms of economic structure, but liberal in terms of social issues- is also too smart to actually run for a high seated office… This is what I think. I wouldn’t want the job and would you really? I would guess not. So this is what’s keeping actual ‘good people’ out of the White House. That, plus, money, greed and power mongers. (Sad laugh…)

  2. I’m a little late catching up on your posts, but I agree whole-heartedly on the entire context of your message 🙂 Choosing one because you don’t like the other makes NO sense if you don’t care to learn about who you are choosing.

    In my opinion there is too much unearned prestige for “civil servants” at all levels of government. Those who go into it with good intentions either succumb to the temptations of Office or are barred from making a difference by those who buy into the status quo. Like Jess said, the desireable candidates either don’t want the job or won’t keep it for long if they can manage to get there, and that is sad because the people lining up to take their places are not doing it for their constituents.

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