Movement This Month: January

Here it is. I didn’t finish the month off as strongly as one might have hoped, but I am going to an aerobics class today (barf sputter cough die) which will obviously be instructed in Japanese so…yikes.

Activities included within the circles are: running 3-4 miles, walking 45-60 minutes, an arm pyramid, and a sun salutation series.

2 thoughts on “Movement This Month: January

  1. Good luck with your Japanese aerobic class! Copy thy neighbour, this is what I did at my yoga class in Dutch. I am sure my classmates didn’t enjoy being stared at while trying to “let go” but hey you gotta do what you gotta do!

  2. Color me impressed! I’m a hack in English speaking areobics classes -such as step, cardioboxing, bodyattack. Stand in the back girlfriend.

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