I Feel Crafty: Valentine’s Day Edition

I always seem to see salt-dough crafts around the Christmas holidays, and I had this big idea to make an ornament with the baby in December. But I never got around to it because I was…busy?

Anyway, I was looking for an easy craft we could do for Valentine’s Day that wouldn’t involve buying more supplies since we are leaving Japan in about 6 weeks. These ornaments were the ticket since all I needed was salt, flour and a little oil to keep the dough from sticking to the “rolling-pin.” 

Also, this is the baby in her apron. It was a gift from her father, picked out at a baby boutique in Tokyo for much too much money during a weekend away for games. It is utterly adorable but don’t worry, we’ve already had the talk: if we ever have a son, he’ll be apron-ed for cooking and crafting as well.

Stirring, stirring. I used this simple recipe.

Note: the dough is non-toxic, naturally, but does not taste good.

We don’t own a rolling-pin, but empty wine bottles are plentiful in this house. You may be interested to know that 7-11 has their own brand of wine…and yes it is delicious.

We rolled out the dough, I used a butter knife to make a heart-ish shape and a drinking straw to poke the hole for hanging. We pressed some little handprints in the dough and then popped it in the toaster oven. A real oven would have been much more helpful, but we’re winging it.

Waiting, waiting.

Once the dough dried, I used pink nail polish to fill in the imprints. It had a certain charm in it’s natural form as well, but I loved the glossy contrast of the polish in the rough dough.

Ta-da! And a footprint for added bonus.

Happy Valentine’s Day, to you!

8 thoughts on “I Feel Crafty: Valentine’s Day Edition

  1. Wow, this is a great idea! I have to do this. And your daughter looks absolutely adorable in her apron. I could never let mine do the stirring. The whole apartment would be white in no time…

  2. Looks like V will not be tasting dough again any time soon :).That is if she is a quicker learner than N, it took him several tries to conclude that he does NOT like the taste of finger paint. His father is worried for his intelligence :).

  3. I’m kinda wishing I had a heart print shirt and green tutu to wear. V is insanely adorable and I love the craft. I could handle that. Put it on the list of activities you can do with the babies this summer while you watch them? Hahaha… Like how I sneak that in? I will pay you in wine and hugs. You KNOW I’m not a hugger, so that payment is like emotional gold! Okay, okay… I will pay you in real American dollars. I expect at least two dough ornaments in exchange though! One from V and one from M.

  4. You are GOOD woman!! REAL good!! You need to Pinterest this article.

    PS- Love the yucky dough tasting face. Made me smile.

  5. I love this! I see you are gearing up for Ooops I Craft My Pants! hahaha I had Jack make V-day cards by taking a toilet paper roll and bending one long edge in to form a heart shaped stamp. Then put white paint on the end and let him go to town on some red paper. It was a good thought but….. a. paint is messy, 2. paint is not good for babies c. paint doesn’t come off easy and d. toilet paper rolls don’t really make a great stamp. But the cards turned out cute after I tied some pink yarn around them! hahaha

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