This Week For The Very First Time…

Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in the repetition of the day-to-day. In your job. At home. As you walk down your own street. So in an effort to remind myself that consistency is comforting but life is always evolving, I started keeping track of new experiences, even those that may seem mundane. In honor of seeing things with a fresh perspective, I’d like to share with you that this week, for the very first time:

While dancing with the baby in the kitchen, I had to rush to the iPod and switch a song TWICE due to issues with profanity in lyrics. Boo. Hiss. Maybe I need some Wal-Marted versions of Kanye and Eminem and even Damien Rice!?

The fact that I have a university degree was used as a burn against me. Weird? Seems like this was associated with my liberal leanings…but I’d advise both ends of the political spectrum to continue to value the scholarly arts. Should we tell this Facebook friend of mine that George Dubya went to Yale? Or that Newty has a Ph.D.?! No, that would just spoil it for him! Whatever we do, let’s not tell him that I also have a Master’s degree! Because that’s when they bust out the pitchforks! Down wit learningz!

I realized I love coleslaw! This should have been obvious to me, since I love cabbage and I love vinegar but…something about the soggy nature of it always put me off. At restaurants in Japan ‘salad’ often means shredded cabbage with a dollop of mayo on the side as dressing. And bags of shredded cabbage cost about 50 cents at the store. So I started buying those bags, mixing in some balsamic and WHOA. A coleslaw lover was born. Add a dollop of Veganaise and we’re in business!

I felt an earthquake while I was outside! It’s to the point now where I no longer feel scared or anxious when an earthquake happens, mostly just annoyed. How dare the earth have such nerve as to try and quake us!? Most earthquakes are rather mild, and even those that can give your dishes a rattle are not usually felt outside. But earlier this week, while out in front of our apartment, I felt a vibration. I looked up at our building to see the laundry of my neighbors swaying back and forth and realized I was feeling an earthquake as the earth feels it! Creepy!

What did you experience for the very first time this week?

6 thoughts on “This Week For The Very First Time…

  1. Baby spuing from both ends and still being happy, amazing creature!
    Dinner OUT with with hubby and no baby…..spent the entire dinner talking about baby……is that good or bad?

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