A Taste of Japan: Organic and Vegan

Last week our friends Yutaka, Hitomi and little Shuka took us to Meguri Cafe in downtown Nikko. Hitomi thought of me after eating there earlier this year because the food is 100% organic and vegan! I’ve walked by this place several times, but being illiterate means I had NO idea what a little gem was hidden inside. Being a vegetarian in Japan is difficult sometimes, so it was lovely to have a Japanese friend to make this discovery for me!

Meguri Cafe is a cozy, small cafe with a gorgeous painted ceiling. The seating is limited and the staff make only a certain number of meals each day, so it’s best to make a reservation before you visit…which is also where having Japanese friends come in handy. The menu changes often and is a ‘teishoku’ style, meaning you simply choose your drink and whether you want dessert (you know I do) and the rest is decided for you! I LOVE this kind of thing, especially in a meat-free restaurant, because ordering a meal in Japan is often a stressful exercise. This was so easy!

We waited patiently for our meal. Our baby wasn’t feeling her best that morning, but I’ll be DAMNED if I was going to miss this date with such a special treat. She hung in there like a trooper, because she knows mama likes to eat.

HOORAY! Itadakimasu! Let’s eat!

An illiterate, broken translation approximation of my lunch: cabbage soup, rice and barley, falafel-esque balls with tahini-ish, salad seasame-like dressing, toast finger with greens and leeks, mushrooms and daikon in a tomato curry sauce, tempura field greens.


I bit this. Then I put it aside and waited until everything else was gone because it was…like wow. Wow. WOWOW.

The key is to distract the baby with raisins so I can chopstick my lunch in peace.

Despite the angry Blue-Steel face Dave is making here, he really did enjoy the lunch! Clean plate club and all!

Dessert, tea and coffee.

Thank you Hitomi and Yutaka for guiding us to this place and joining us for lunch! This was EASILY the best meal I have had at a restaurant in Japan, hands down. I can promise I will be going back to Meguri Cafe before we leave Nikko!

2 thoughts on “A Taste of Japan: Organic and Vegan

  1. Looks amazing! Also fun to see pics of the places you visit and what the town looks like! I love Japanese design, I would love to have a house with white walls and all rich dark wood tones with cool planters, ornate window carvings and cool doors……..ahhhhhhh love.

  2. Loved this post! What wonderful experience and how delicious! I’ve never been to a restaurant where they decide for you – how fun! I must find one. xxoo

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