Parenting Strategies of the Month

We are now down to one nap per day. Not the smoothest transition we’ve ever made. Some days she sails right through the morning like a champ. Other times we hit a few snags and the sounds of her whining are too much to take. So even though she had weaned herself off daytime feedings we’ve begun sneaking in a snuggle and a snack when things get nutty. I’m applying it to napping/nursing here, but generally this just gets filed under the strategy of ‘path of least resistance.’ My favorite path of all.

Do fashion faux pas even apply when you are this hilariously adorable? She LOVES her yellow and navy maize and blue Tevas and wears them with pride. In winter. With socks. Who am I to stop it?

It took our neighbor Towa a few minutes to warm up to our girl, but once he did they bonded over the physics of this particular bouncy ball. I’m told there is an age when I will have to discourage her from hanging on the stoop with boys. But we’re not there quite yet.

This child will wear my sling and try to carry around any and all babies/bears/dogs/slippers that she can shove inside the mesh. This has prompted me to decide that I will have another child when this one can safely carry the new baby around herself. Around 2020 I’m guessing.

Suspicious footprints…

While I had the nerve to try and blow dry my hair, my child found the flour and the tactile experience led her into a frenzy. Despite my initial negative reaction, I decided to simply take the bag from her to salvage the situation a little and then let her play with what was already on the floor until she lost interest. See the aforementioned ‘path of least resistance.’

4 thoughts on “Parenting Strategies of the Month

  1. Re baby carrying – a 4.5 year old can carry a (large) 16 month old. You do the math 🙂

    Your blow drying attempt resulted in some cute white footprints and a minor mess to clean. My last such attempt resulted in a plastic bag, shampoo bottle and hair brush in the toilet. I win :).

  2. Lila will be happy that she’s into looking after babies. On another note, Lila can lift and carry Maddy a short distance already so you can start trying for another baby now…just kidding…sort of…

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