This Week For The Very First Time…

I tried my first bit of Korean food! My relationship with foods from other Asian countries has always been good, so it shouldn’t be surprising that I enjoyed this so much. So spicy and flavorful! Dduk guk is my new favorite soup!

Although my uterus and I have always had a close relationship, we never speak. For the first time this week I actually heard her scream out in frustration when reading about coverage of this Congressional panel meant to discuss WOMEN’s reproductive health.

I went to an aromatherapy onsen. Lavender in the foreground, rosemary in the back. The most beautiful, quiet and relaxing onsen I’ve visited so far. My skin still smelled lovely at bedtime!

I began to see the charm in an outfit composed of a pair of my underwear and my bra around her neck, topped with her smock bib, finished with a fleece vest.

What did you experience for the very first time this week?

3 thoughts on “This Week For The Very First Time…

  1. This week for the first time for ME: Woke up @ 2am snuggling with a pair of boots that were left bedside the night before. I’m pretty sure I thought they were baby M! Please tell me I’m not the only mom that frantically searches for her baby in her sleep…

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