I Feel Crafty: Toddler Neckerchief

While Dave was on a road trip my friend and I wandered the local department store aimlessly to burn time entertain our children. We came upon some fabric scraps in the sewing section and she gave me the adorable idea of making a neckerchief for the baby! Seems easy enough, right?

The scraps were about 50cm x 35cm/19.5in x 14in, to make them square I simply folded them over and cut along the crease. Initially I planned on making this the most simple craft of all time (my favorite kind of craft) by simply folding them over after squaring them and tying them on…a n0-sew, no-glue project! False.

After I cut them, I realized the edges were a little rough to leave as-is. I do love the look of a hand-made project that is a little rough, but if I didn’t help a little these neckerchiefs were going to fray into oblivion very quickly under the claws of a toddler.

Instead I made a very simple stich (the same way I did at Christmas) and brought the edges together. And since I had my needle and thread out anyway…why not add some embellishments with leftover felt?

I made one full neckerchief and tested it out before embarking on a hand-sewn adventure with the other two. Because as cute as I knew it would be, you never know what sort of accessory a baby will love and which will send her into a face-slapping panic. Yes, she slaps her own face when she panics. Mother of the year over here.

Luckily she showed good taste and accepted the versatility of a scarf as a wardrobe add-on. The finished results below!

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6 thoughts on “I Feel Crafty: Toddler Neckerchief

  1. She is the cutest. So so so so darn cute. Love the photos – V is getting so big. You win mama of the year award! Love the added embellishments – it makes them. See you soon 🙂

  2. stylin’ baby there! love that she gets to color on the “walls” (newspaper tacked to wall). you are a great momma!

  3. Lane, I caught a portion of a Martha Stewart show where she had some shelter dogs on and they were all wearing doggie neckershiefs. Thought of you right away and what a nice gift for Falcor and Enid if you made them each one for a coming home present. Each of them would walk prouder than ever with that around their neck! Just sayin’ Hope the next 19 days fly by for you!!!

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