Literally: Revolutionizing the Way You LOL

When my baby sleeps, I log on to any sort of online apparatus that will let me talk to friends back home. I gchat and Skype chat and Facebook chat til the wee hours of 10pm. We talk about everything and anything and sometimes nothing at all but generally it is hilarious. I type a lot of ‘hahahaha’ or even ‘HAHAHAHA’ and occasionally I dabbled in ‘LOL’ even though the whole laughing-out-loud sentiment had begun to bother me recently. Because people use the LOL so liberally these days, it doesn’t express what I need to say. It’s typed when someone is not actually laughing out loud. Possibly not laughing at all. Not ok.

When the occasion called for it, I started saying ‘I am LITERALLY lol’ing right now.’ Not the metaphorical LOL, but actually, audibly laughing. It was important to me that my friends know this, because I hold laughing in a very high regard, if I haven’t laughed aloud for a full day I start to question whether there is even a purpose to my entire existence. It’s that important. So I make sure they get the point. Not a casual, tweeny use of ‘lol’, but actually explaining that not only was what they said funny, it was funny enough to make me assured of my existential nature. For real.

And in the tradition of the internet, I shortened this sentence to require as few keystrokes as possible: L-lol. I don’t have that much time to actually type it all you guys. I’m so, so very busy. For example…

While discussing with my sister the other internet lingo we aren’t cool enough to understand:

When considering with a friend the idea of having more children in the very near future:

You heard it here first.

3 thoughts on “Literally: Revolutionizing the Way You LOL

  1. What do I type to mean (when I’m Skype-messaging at work) and I start laughing out loud at something (probably I typed, because I find myself very funny at times) and in order to cover the laugh I pretend like I’m coughing? Laugh-Cough-LOL? c-lol? I think I just started a new one!

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