Comfort Object: A One Act Play


David – husband

Lane – wife

Little V – baby

Lovey Bunny – the baby’s comfort object since infancy circa 2010, a stuffed bunny head with a blanket for a body.

Ling Ling – Lane’s comfort object since infancy circa 1981, a stuffed panda bear with no face left after years of wear.

David and Lane lay together talking before bed. Little V sleeps soundly in the next room.

David: Sometimes when I’m on the road I get scared because I can’t remember how Little V feels in my arms.

Lane: Don’t be scared, you’re home now and she’s in her room sleeping. Like such a big girl, head on her pillow, Lovey Bunny in her arms. Getting her attached to that thing was one of the best parenting moves I’ve ever made.

David: Yea, good job…but what happens when we have to take it away from her at some point?

Lane: Why would we have to do that?

David: Because at some point doesn’t it just become weird?

Lane: :::long silence::: Well, I’m holding Ling Ling between my feet right now :::pulls up blanket to show Ling Ling clasped between her feet:::

David: :::awkward pause::: You’re really holding that thing in there like a chimpanzee would.


8 thoughts on “Comfort Object: A One Act Play

  1. ha! love the image of the chimp-hold 😉
    also, i still have my lovey ( a REALLY ratty old blankie) – though i don’t sleep with it anymore, it would probably dissolve if i tried, it’s now enshrined in my closet. but i DID sleep with it through college and into my first year(s) of grad school – it made the BEST pillow! 😉
    i wish i could get meeka to take to something, but so far- nope. she’s not having it.

  2. Ling ling has been around the world 🙂 Remember when we switched favorite animals for my year in Germany so we could be closer while far apart? . You are the sweetest friend. xxoo

  3. OMG. Lane I am dying of laughter. DH has his childhood bear on our headboard. I on the other hand had some stuffed animals I was attached to and still have but not to the same extent! It’s cute thought!

  4. Hilarious.

    I still have my baby (which I creatively named Baby) from my childhood. My mom saved her (him?) and gave her to me when I had my own baby. Now my 11-month old occassionally sucks on the doll’s face. Full circle 🙂

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