Curio Design Studio

Remember when my sister got a real job? And I was super happy for her? But then kind of felt insecure because, well, I’m older and should be doing things first and here I am turning 31 and have no career to speak of besides an advanced degree I don’t use and aspirations to be a ‘writer’ while not really knowing what that even means? Well, she decided to up the ante again, sneaky little thing. You won’t believe what she did next.

She started a business. Her own business. She dreamt it and put herself out there and made it happen. The vision and the work came together and Curio Design Studio. Her baby. My niece.

Obviously I am so in love with my sister that she could make a website selling hats for watermelons and I would support that venture. But what she has done in Curio is a practical, useful, creative idea that is viable. Not that watermelons don’t need hats, I mean they are out in the sun all day…but this idea is something special.

Curio Design is, essentially, an online design consultation service. As the website explains: “If you are ready to execute the design but do not have the inspiration,resources or time to do so,we can help. Let us provide you with a polished, personalized and complete interior without the stress or expense of full service Interior Design firm.” Simple. My sister goes into more depth about her design aesthetic and the origins of her business here in an interview with a fellow designer.

My sister’s approach to this business venture is much like her approach to life in general: bold, original and full of love. She is providing people with the extra (and very reasonably priced) help they need to make the space they occupy beautiful and genuine. Anyone can go to Ashley Furniture and buy the living room set. But most of us would prefer to spend time in rooms that don’t match in the stifling way a hotel lobby does but have a look that still feels cohesive overall. My sister uses her personality to get to know you, her design expertise to shape your space and her connections to other small business people to find pieces that are unique and original.

I can show you a thousand pictures of gorgeous rooms in design blogs or on Pinterest, but if I actually had to use such a picture to inspire my own decor I’d be useless. My sister can help. In fact she proves it in this blog entry. Or in this one where she show you how to use your favorite outfit to inspire a design.

Check out her site so you can confirm that while I do beam with sisterly pride in the general sense, this time I’m just the first in a long line of fans of her amazing work.

3 thoughts on “Curio Design Studio

  1. Alley’s site is impressive.. so’s your writing.. I can relate to feeling somewhat outshone by a younger sister in the visible wordly achievements vein.. this is why i sometimes sign msgs to Laurie ‘Love from your Big Sissy’ lol

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