Parenting Strategies of the Month

(not pictured) We were at the play group last week and the staff brought out a couple of push-toys. My child honed in on her favorite and stalked it. Unfortunately a little boy had the same plan. They took turns pushing it and (with coaxing from me and his mother) and we all clapped and said things like ‘good sharing!’ But the sharing got old and the boy took off running, with my child in hot pursuit. At first he thought it was funny. But she was all business. And he got scared. And was looking back every few seconds. And he tripped. And fell. And the push-toy went flying. He started sobbing just in time for our baby to run over top of him, claim the toy and run away wildly laughing. I said a lot of sumimasen and gomenasai (excuse me and I’m sorry) but actually, I was like ‘You Go Girl!’

Tactile place with pasta. This one only works while Dave is on a road trip. Later I scooped these up and made our dinner with them. Dead serious.

In an aisle that has princesses on the left and sports crap on the right, she picks up a bat and spent 5 minutes swinging at anything and anyone. I don’t want to offend princesses who may read this blog, but I’ve never been prouder.

This strategy is called act the fool. It’s quite obvious who is having more fun here.

Dave is not into messes. Especially not in the car. And I may have given her an unauthorized treat. But was she quiet or was she quiet!? WAS SHE QUIET or WHAT?! This is what wet wipes are for.

6 thoughts on “Parenting Strategies of the Month

  1. – V looks like she is really concentrating on the pasta but is smart enough not to eat it uncooked. I can not say the same for my youngest.
    – I hope she continues swinging the bat (pencil, paintbrush, whatever) and stays away from the princess crap. I unfortunately lost this battle with peer pressure.

    1. She sampled some uncooked pasta, but it was not to her liking 🙂

      I know we won’t avoid the princess bit forever because, like you said, peer pressure will win out over my teachings…but for now, I am loving it. Keeping it character/princess free until my hand is forced!

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