Hello! Remember me? You may not because I didn’t post a Music On Monday this week. And I haven’t updated Movement This Month for March. And I’ve generally just left my blog idle for a week. The nerve.

A week ago we said goodbye to our friends in Japan. For now. Maybe forever. Always hard, especially when you think you’ve done your best to avoid the actual goodbye process. A little tip my friend Scotti taught me: say you are going to come by/call in an hour/tomorrow but then you don’t…you just leave, no tears shed, people have actually thanked me for this strategy and now it’s my go-to move. But so many of our friends showed up bright and early, bed-head and all on the day of our departure just to wish us well, and for the first time I felt truly sad to leave Japan.

The journey from Japan to home was relatively uneventful. Besides the 10 minutes on the drive from Nikko to Narita Airport when we realized the guy driving us had driven in a circle for 30 minutes and spent the next 10 endangering all our lives while consulting his iPhone for clarification (all the while I am squeezing Dave’s arm and saying in a stage whisper ‘DO NOT lose it right now because I am on the verge of crying/slapping people so I need you to keep it together mmmmmmmmk!?’), I held it all together. Our child took it all like a seasoned pro and besides going a little bit too giddy for comfort a few hours into our long flight (because we all know that right after ‘too giddy’ comes ‘bat-shit crazy’) she slept peacefully, ate joyfully, and generally brought a smile to the face of everyone on the way. There was a small child somewhere else in the plane screeching and wailing for a while, and I just thought ‘Oh that poor family, it could have been us.’ Survivor’s guilt, perhaps.
After a sucessful journey over the ocean and an epic reunion with our dog-babies (during which only a few tears were shed over a slight mix-up where Falcor thought the baby was bringing him a stuffed bear as a gift and the baby thought her stuffed bear was being abducted by a dog), we struggled for a few days with the jet-lag of our child. We walked the neighborhood at 4 a.m. wearing her in the Ergo while even our dogs refused to budge from the cozy confines of bed. We did the unthinkable and woke her from naps to try to establish time of day. We braved the chilly spring days to expose her to natural light. When it was all said and done, 4 nights later, she was back to normal. But we were left lagging after tending to her lag. Go figure.The main thing is that we’re here. Safe and sound. Eating soups and sandwiches (that sounds so boring, but it’s really so amazing) and reading signs and talking to people. And our dogs. Our little dog dog dogs. I love them so.

3 thoughts on “Lagging.

  1. Loved the line about after “too giddy” comes “bat-shit crazy.” Sadly, that line often describes life with Lila only to well. I’m glad you guys made it home safely and can’t wait for your visit to B-Town!

  2. I crawled, jumped,strolled, hopped up those very porch steps ALWAYS totally joyful to be back ‘home’ again every summer year of my childhood (and beyond)!! So glad Vesper is continuing in the happy footstep
    traditions long established (‘long’ including the prev to me generations).

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