Music On Monday: Don’t Stop Me Now

This week we’re beginning another epic journey. It seems like we JUST got home from Japan, but time flies when you’re having fun.

Our next adventure is called “14 Hour Roadtrip with A Toddler Who Hates the Car (and Her Two Impatient Canine Companions)” I am trying to be like…YAY!!!!! Because you know, it’s all about the journey. And stuff. But really I’m like…what’s the protocol on sedating my child for several states worth of driving? The reward is in the tins of cookies my mother-in-law will have waiting for me. Eye on the prize.

So of course I’m planning and packing and making lists just for the sake of crossing things off. Things we need for our time in Canada. (jackets and bathing suits, possibly to layer together) Things we need to keep our child from chewing through her car seat straps. (food, food, food and maybe some kind of devil noise-making toy I’ll buy to appease her) Things we need to keep our dogs from heavy-sighing for hours on end. (rawhide and a bed made of cushions fit for royalty) 

All joking aside, Dave and I are legendary when it comes to road trips and I used to enjoy them a lot! The last long, cross-country trek I made, however, had me at about 34 weeks pregnant (also known as 32 lbs and counting) and I wasn’t super comfortable. Or comfortable at all, mostly because I always felt under threat of peeing in my pants. This time I have the potential threat of toddler meltdown, but I’m hoping she takes after us and can feel the enchantment of the open road. Also, we are classing things up a notch and will be springing for a hotel with a pool. Just for her. And maybe for Dave.

So as we make our rig road-ready, I’m focusing this morning on the main components of any successful road-trip: music and Podcasts. So much of both. The key is diversity. Slow-jams and dance music. ‘This American Life’ and ‘PTI.’ Anything I can sing to. Anything interesting. Bottom line is: if you can’t picture yourself flying down the highway in western Minnesota screaming along with Freddie Mercury you need to do a self-inventory, because something ain’t right with you.

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