Music On Monday: My Body

My running habit has fallen off track a bit lately. As much as I didn’t want to admit it, all the progress I made since earnestly getting back into running over the winter in Japan seemed to melt away under the weight of jet lag and busy days and lack of…something.

Today, after several attempts, I was able to break my slump. I promise a full post on how I accomplished this later, but part of the process involved shuffling up my playlists and adding some new music. I remembered that my friend Caitlin published her workout playlist here a while back, so I went there for inspiration.

Young the Giant’s ‘My Body’ was just what I needed. In the same way the the Zolas fill my need for beards and hoodies, Young the Giant satisfy the stubble and second-hand blazers quota. The beat is perfect for the pace of a gratifying run and the lyrics were made for slump busting.

My body tells me no,
But I won’t quit
Cuz I want more

5 thoughts on “Music On Monday: My Body

  1. Good song…although the lyrics quoted at the end reminded me of…
    “My mind is telling me no but my body my body’s telling me yes”
    So needless to say I had a good laugh…but now I am listening to R Kelly on Spotify…who really had the last laugh here…damn you R Kelly!

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