Parenting Strategies Of The Month

When you want Pad Thai, someone has to crush the peanuts.

We have a lot of dog hair to deal with.

I left her playing in the living room while I made a snack. I heard her talking away, then realized there had been about a minute of silence. I ran to the living room. Couldn’t find her. Ran to the stairs. No. The bathroom. Could she have made it outside somehow? I was literally 2 minutes from pooping my pants and then I heard her giggle. Sneaky little thing.

If your child doesn’t have a robe (a.k.a. housecoat, to our Canadian friends), then your child is neglected. There, I said it.

To the right of this picture is beautiful, toddler accessible play structure. Also, that play structure was perfectly dry. She chose to splash in a puddle instead. Love that face.

I want to foster compassion in my child. A sensitivty for the suffering of others. But when her best friend was crying she was just annoyed. And it was hilarious.

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