On The Road (again and again and again)

For over a week we’ve been hopping from place to place.

I’ve been having some fun of my own…

But most of the week has been spent watching our girl bond with her friends and family. In matching shirts.

And matching non-shirts.

With her 3rd (?) cousin…how does that all work exactly?

Both looking very serious when they learn about the antics their mothers used to get up to…

130 pounds meets 23 pounds.

One generation to the next.

They share a love of beer with their fathers.

Then on to more serious things like strolling through my alma mater.

And bidding my girl farewell before trusting Dave with my spinal cord in rural Ontario.

We’re spending one more day in this lovely place.

Then a long trip home to stay put for a while…or a few weeks at least.

2 thoughts on “On The Road (again and again and again)

  1. Vesper is such a cutie. I can’t wait to meet her in a few weeks! I love the photo of you at your alma mater, with the Michigan bag and the baby & stroller. Things have really changed since then!

  2. It was so lovely spending time together again… just like old times (with 2 small additions!).
    We expect you guys to make this trip every summer! Landon keeps asking when his friend Vesper is “comin’ back”?!
    The Pauls xoxo

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