Music On Monday (yes i know it’s tuesday): Long Way Around

Is it Tuesday? Who can even remember. We are back from our world tour of family and friends, culminating in a visit to southern Ontario to meet the family of the man my sister is marrying. Because apparently she is old enough to get married. We had a wonderful time but wow, did this ever take a toll on all of us in terms of sleep patterns. And by all of us I mean the baby. And by sleep patterns I mean she won’t sleep when we want her to…annoying.

For those long hours in the car we were kicking it old school with radio and CDs since that thingy that connects our iPod to our car was broken. And while it seemed like a devastating loss at first, we actually got to listen to lots of NPR and several old CDs found under the passenger seat. In that collection was a fair bit of Dixie Chicks, who I am not ashamed to say I love. Girl power and progressive politics and writer/musicians are not easy to find in the realm of popular country music, but here it all is in droves.

This song always did resonate with us since at nearly 31 years young I still don’t own a home, have a career, or know how to use a lot of normal kitchen utensils. We’re cutting a path in life that isn’t ‘traditional’ and confuses many of our loved ones (read: our mothers) and now, the ultimate unexpected twist, my sister (who preached/preaches against this lifestyle the most) is following in our footsteps. Which means that, at this time of year, as minor-pro hockey players are negotiating contracts and gambling with waiting and crossing fingers and toes and making difficult choices, she knows how it feels to get the questions over and over about where you are going and don’t you get sick of this and when will you know and how does it work.

Take heart, my sister, maybe someday, someday we’re gonna settle down…

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2 thoughts on “Music On Monday (yes i know it’s tuesday): Long Way Around

  1. Great timely post. I love the untraditional path you guys take… I can’t begin to imagine how hard, exciting, lonely and adventurous it is but I love you guys. xxoo.

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