While The Women Do Whatever They Want

When the CBC decided to create “While The Men Watch Hockey” I have to assume that someone, anyone, in the boardroom (don’t all business decisions get made in a boardroom? I thought so) might have meekly raised their hand and said ‘You know this is going to piss people off, right? And they will be right to be pissed? Because this is really annoying? You know that right?’

I assume someone important in the boardroom (a big bald man with a ponytail and a cigar? or am I just picturing Mr. Big from ‘Wayne’s World’?) said something like ‘Yes, we know. But those feminazis can just take their unshaven armpits to some other network! We know what ladies want, and it’s to listen to other ladies talk about the fashion faux pas and confusing rules that man-sports are so full of! Also, those ladies will be wearing lipstick and high heels, it’s crucial!’

Perhaps that executive underestimated the reality of this day and age. When men like sports while ::wait for it:: women like sports too! Or, and this might really blow some bangs back, NOT ALL MEN ARE GLUED TO SPORTS CENTER. And, please sit down for this, women who don’t happen to want to watch hockey just simply DO NOT WATCH IT. They just go in another room or leave the house or pursue another interest and don’t really want to watch a show that explains the lady-parts of a game they honestly don’t give a shit about. When I don’t want to watch hockey it’s because I just don’t care, it’s not because I didn’t have someone there to gab about tie choices or who is the cutest player or what uniform matches best. And if I want to spend quality time with my husband, we find something we both want to do instead of me sitting there holding his hand while he explains things to me.

If you read the comments below this recap of this controversy, you will find a lot of “GET OVER IT!” and “If it offends you, don’t watch it!” or “Girls are such bitches!” And you know I am totally in favor of not doing things that get you all pissed off. As a way of staying sane. But asking women to just ignore things that are blatantly patronizing and sexist is like asking them to not speak until spoken to. I will both NOT watch the show AND say it’s gross.

5 thoughts on “While The Women Do Whatever They Want

  1. “Get over it” and “Have a sense of humour” are the two most annoying responses in the history of time. They don’t add value to the conversation and it’s insisting that the offended party is over-sensitive is in need a emotional direction from someone else. Down with that sort of thing.

  2. I hate3 it when people dismiss your conversation points by just saying ‘you are taking it to seriously’ or ruining their fun’ it just ruins any attempt at intelligent discussion or anaylst.

  3. The thing is I don’t think it was a bald, alpha male who thought this was a great idea. I’m pretty sure it is two women with sports addicted husbands who are the creators and hosts and they’d started this before it was picked up by CBC. Clearly they don’t get that there are a lot of us women who genuinely like hockey and other sports and understand and want to hear knowledgeable, intelligent commentary about the game. And if that’s the case, then as women we find this show insulting.

    1. Yes, I saw a couple interviews with those women Les. I guess my point is just that most executive level decisions (in all companies, including entertainment) are made by men. And women are not immune to having sexists beliefs/actions, it’s so natural in our culture it’s like the ‘normal’ thing to do sometimes.

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